Planning Services

We offer a comprehensive range of planning services to public and private sector clients including residential, commercial, leisure and community-led schemes.

Planning Applications & Appeals

RCA Regeneration provides timely, professional advice and assistance to developers, individuals and businesses when it comes to submitting planning applications.  Wherever possible, we advocate a consultative and non-confrontational approach, working with the local planning authority, members of the public and local Councillors. We recognise however, that there will be some instances where a more robust approach is necessary.

We can advise you about the process itself and the role of the local planning authority, as well as undertaking pre-application discussions, preparing and submitting the application.  As part of our input we provide high quality Planning Statements and Design and Access Statements to accompany applications.  We are more than happy to show you examples of our work, on request.

When proposing a scheme of a more complex nature, or one located in a sensitive area, it is often beneficial to engage our services at an early stage in order to ensure that the scheme responds positively to local distinctiveness and accords with planning policy.  We find it is always better to develop a scheme design that takes account of its context in the first instance.  Once a scheme has been prepared and submitted on your behalf, we will also attend the local authority planning committee meeting and (where permitted) make verbal representations direct to the committee if you wish.


Whilst it is our preference to achieve planning consent for our clients without the need to engage in the appeals process, we are pragmatic enough to realise that this will not always be the case.  Unfortunately, in the current climate, planning appeals are becoming more and more commonplace.

In these instances, we have significant experience of undertaking planning appeals, with a good record of success.  We will, however, be realistic in advising our clients of the chances of success through the appeal process and will advise accordingly.  There could be for example a requirement to engage the services of specialists such as ecologists, heritage consultants, transport consultants or landscape specialists, where we feel they would  increase the chances of a positive outcome.

We are happy to provide examples of appeals work we have done, on request, or feel free to call or e-mail us on a no-obligation basis to discuss your requirements – depending on the stage you are at, our advice could vary significantly.