Architecture Services

We offer a complete architectural design service up to the production of proposals for submission as a part of a planning application.

Concept Proposals – Work Stage 2

A detailed assessment of the feasibility options generated in the first work stage will establish the preferred option for the proposed development which can then be used to generate a well resolved building concept proposal. Taking the brief requirements, design concepts and site strategies developed in the early project stages and turning them into a firm design proposal is the focus of this project stage.

During this process the form, function and appearance of the proposed accommodation is developed in increasing levels of detail and coordinated with the technical requirements of the specific building type. From detailed consideration of site constraints to careful consideration of room layouts and appropriate selection of building materials there are a wide range of decisions to be made during the development of a building concept design and RCA Regeneration’s extensive experience means that we are well placed to guide developers through this process.

RCA Regeneration undertake architectural design projects using fully three dimensional Building Information Modelling (BIM) software. This three dimensional approach to building design offers great benefits to clients in the way that a project can be communicated and experienced during the design process. From 3D visual images to tablet / phone based model viewing through to immersive virtual reality experiences a BIM project workflow offers many ways to interrogate a building design.

A process of continually reviewing the evolving design against the requirements of the project brief, along with integrating input from specialist surveyors and consultants, where a project requires a wider design team, will result in development proposals that are ready to pass through a design freeze and move into production of planning application submission documents.

During this work stage RCA Regeneration will typically be able to offer the following services:

  • Concept Building Designs
  • Site Vision Development & Documents
  • Outline Building Materials Strategy Development
  • Advice on Construction Methodology
  • 3D Modelling / Design Communication
  • Assist in developing project Sustainability Strategy with specialist consultants
  • Assist in preparing project programme and obtaining project cost info