Development Services

Unlock the development potential of any project or site with our development services including market assessments, options appraisals, valuations and project management.

Grant Funding

At RCA, we have significant experience of both preparing and appraising applications to a number of grant funding programmes throughout the UK, including:-

  • The Commercial Gap Funding programme previously administered by the Regional Development Agencies (RDAs);
  • The Housing Gap Funding programme previously administered by English Partnerships (now the HCA);
  • The Kickstart programme administered by the HCA;
  • The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) administered by the RDAs;
  • The Land Remediation Programme administered by the RDAs; and
  • The Regional Capital Skills Development programme administered by the former Learning and Skills Council (now Skills Funding Agency).

Whilst the political landscape has changed and with it the availability of grant funding through schemes such as those referred to above, grant programmes are still being offered by the Government.  However, there is now more emphasis placed on the development of individual businesses and the re-activation of stalled schemes.  The criteria by which grant applications are being judged, namely value for money, job creation and the level of investment being proposed, remain largely the same.

Help with Grant Funding Applications

RCA can provide assistance to organisations and companies seeking to submit applications to a number of grant funding programmes, including the Regional Growth Fund (RGF), the Local Infrastructure Fund, Get Britain Building, Community Right to Build, the Big Lottery Fund, the Estate Renewal Grant and the Enhanced Renewal Grant.  This may be in terms of initial advice with regard to suitability of projects, the completion of actual applications, and the preparation of supporting documentation including Green Book business case appraisals, risk assessments and associated development appraisals.

As part of the service that we provide, we can tailor our input to suit your level of experience in going through the grant process, whether that means advising on discrete elements of the application process or whether a comprehensive level of support is required.  We will also liaise with the grant giving body on your behalf and ensure that any legal agreements relating to the award of a grant are reasonable.