Development Services

Unlock the development potential of any project or site with our development services including market assessments, options appraisals, valuations and project management.


We provide a wide-range of development services, which allows us to take a comprehensive and co-ordinated approach for many of our clients from the inception of a proposal, to its implementation.  Our development services are particularly important in this regard as they offer an opportunity to help inform proposals at the important earliest stages and include:-

  • Market assessments
  • Options appraisals
  • Development and viability appraisals
  • Valuations (including Red Book valuations)
  • Project management

These services can also be engaged on an individual basis and can help to amend or justify a proposal at a much later stage in the development process.

Complementing RCA’s Planning Services

The development advice we offer is complementary to our planning services and is often delivered in parallel to our clients.  This comprehensive service ensures a balanced view which means that proposals we put forward on your behalf are deliverable and account for ‘market realism’.

Too often we find that planning proposals cannot be delivered because little account has been taken of development viability.  Planning is not just about creating a ‘sense of place’, it is about delivering and implementing good design and sustainable development in a manner that delivers value for the landowner and developer.