Transport Services

We offer specialist transport planning and highways advice to assess whether a site is safe, sustainable and serviceable including transport assessments/statements, and feasibility studies.

Transport Assessments/Statements

If you are submitting an application you may already have been advised as to what is required for validation.  This is likely to include some form of Transport Statement or access design.  Though there is national guidance available in the form of the Guidance on Transport Assessments 2007 and National Planning Practice Guidance, many Local Authorities have their own thresholds.

RCA have contacts within the planning and highways departments of most local authorities and can seek clarification on these matters for you.  In addition, the production of most supporting Statements can be conducted relatively quickly and as such RCA can quickly resolve transport issues and reduce delays to the validation of the application. If you are submitting a larger application we recommend you allow at least 2 months for the development of supporting transport documentation.

For large scale applications you may require scoping advice from the Highway Authority (which may be charged for) and traffic counts at junctions near the site.  Collecting these and agreeing the scope of the assessment normally takes a month. Once the necessary scope and any traffic or safety information is collected a Transport Assessment can be completed within 3-4 weeks, timescales for this depend upon the scale of assessment required.

RCA can provide a quote for the delivery of Transport Assessments and Statements to support planning applications.  We can quickly identify likely information required and outline scope to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the work required and costs associated.


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