Transport Services

We offer specialist transport planning and highways advice to assess whether a site is safe, sustainable and serviceable including transport assessments/statements, and feasibility studies.


Transport Planning Services

Here at RCA we can offer specialist transport planning and highways advice.  Remember, even if your development is relatively small it is important to demonstrate:

  • Safe site access
  • Location of amenities and facilities including access to public transport
  • Sufficient parking

For larger sites (15-80) dwellings or over 1000sqm of commercial floorspace you will normally be asked to produce a Transport Statement or, depending on local sensitivity, a Transport Assessment.  These should consider:

  • Likely person and vehicular trip generation
  • Access to local services
  • Access to public transport
  • Internal layout design and parking
  • Site access and safety

Transport Assessments are required where the site is 80+ dwellings or for larger retail/employment/educational applications.  Transport Assessments are normally for sites that are likely to require further assessment in terms of local highway capacity.  These assessments will require collection of local data, for example traffic counts and use of specialist software to establish current highway capacities.

Whilst in many instances there are limited grounds for refusal on highways impacts, not submitting, or submitting poor Statements and Assessments can result in delays to your planning application. If you are in any doubt about what is required, call us.


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