RCA's 38 Days of the Housing White Paper; Day 6...

Everyday for the next 33 days we will be providing a link to our responses to the Government's Housing White Paper; here is our reply to Question 6... 


How could land pooling make a more effective contribution to assembling land, and what additional powers or capacity would allow local authorities to play a more active role in land assembly (such as where ‘ransom strips’ delay or prevent development)?

Further to our response to Question 5, local authorities already have the power to assemble land, including dealing with ransom strips, through their compulsory purchase powers.  They also already have the ability to partner with developers and landowners to assemble land in order to deliver housing.  Therefore, we do not believe that any additional powers for local authorities in this regard are required.  What is required, however, are financial resources to either initiate or fund the land assembly process and greater in-house expertise to manage the process. 


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