RCA's 38 Days of the Housing White Paper; Day 5...

Everyday for the next 34 days we will be providing a link to our responses to the Government's Housing White Paper; here is our reply to Question 5... 


Do you agree that regulations should be amended so that all local planning authorities are able to dispose of land with the benefit of planning consent which they have granted to themselves?

Speeding up the delivery of housing sites is imperative to the Government’s stated intention of “fixing our broken housing market”.  From this perspective, there is no reason in principle, why any subsequent purchaser would need to re-apply for planning permission in order to carry out a development.  In most cases, local authorities will not obtain detailed consent for residential development on a site in the knowledge that developers will probably want to specify their own layout and house types.  It is more likely that local authorities will obtain outline consents, subject to a master plan setting out certain criteria for residential development on a site and sell to the market on that basis.

This proposal to amend the regulations in this regard is, therefore, likely to be of limited significance in the bigger picture of the Government’s stated intention.  Instead, the Government should focus its efforts on providing the financial resources for local authorities to use their much under-utilised powers to compulsorily purchase land where the market fails to act in a co-ordinated way for the good of the local area.


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