RCA gains Planning Permission for two STOR facilities

In August, we gained permission for two Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) facilities in Redditch and Watnall. 

STOR facilities are gas powered electricity generating facilities which provide electricity during periods where the margin between demand and supply is too low. These facilities are designed to operate for short periods of time to ensure a continuous supply of electricity. 

National Grid have a statutory obligation under the Capacity Market Regulations 2014 and Capacity Market Rules, to ensure that the supply of electricity in the UK remains secure and consistent. STOR facilities are one of many demand response mechanisms that are in place to ensure security of supply. 

The UK has been reliant upon coal-fired and other traditional fuels for electricity provision and are looking to close coal plants by 2025,  as we move towards a renewable future, National Grid anticipate a further 4GW of Short Term Operating Reserve will be required to cope with unexpected real time changes. 

If you wish to find out more, contact Rachael in the office.


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