• Affordability on the Agenda and Carnage with Community Rights of Appeal

    ….And now our attention turns to the UKIPERS! There manifesto was relatively simple in planning terms, but not in our view, necessarily grounded in much market realism.

    Brownfield Land
    The UKIP manifesto identifies that they are strongly committed to preserving the countryside, and seek to prioritise the use of Brownfield Land by providing incentives to ...

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  • Your Manifesto guide – RCA Regeneration

    Information for planning is a bit thin on the ground in both manifestos, both sides emphasising the economy and NHS. However here are the relevant bits and our initial interpretation.
    Further details of the each manifesto in particular the approach to reducing landbanking by Labour are contained in another article on our blog -

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  • Manifesto info – Labour and Conservative

    We promised a bit more information on some key areas, so here we go, starting with The Labour Party:

    Labour Aims
    The Labour party have targeted increasing house building to a minimum of 200,000 dwellings a year by 2020. This is considered to be achievable using levers such as the implementation of recommendations contained within the Lyons Review link (

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